About the Book

Personal Testimony = God’s Activity in Your Life

We must all strive for an exciting and thrilling personal testimony. One that is filled with firsthand experiences with God through answered prayers, miracles, and divine appointments. Ultimately, a boring testimony leads to a boring faith. For, when there’s no wonder in activity with God, we wander from God. God desires your participation with Him in this life. Participation with God leads to a passion for God, and passion for God takes you on a grand adventure with Him.

This book will inspire you and equip you to:

  1. Tap into the power of the Holy Spirit
  2. Move from missed opportunities to heart transformation
  3. Go and give opportunity for others to experience God

Don’t delay taking this spiritual journey, for when we partner with the Holy Spirit we go from ordinary men and women to agents of God’s mighty power. Let us no longer lead lives with untapped potential, for it is time to make the move from a mediocre to a miraculous testimony!