What Readers Are Saying

“This reading has made me feel more convicted than any other book or article that I have read in the past. From this reading, I felt as though God was nudging me to realize how present He was in my past, and how active He wants to be in my future.”
– Stephanie

“I never thought that divine appointments were something for me. I felt too average and not special enough to either ‘hear’ God speak to me, or be influenced by the Holy Spirit to act. This reading just encourages me to go out, listen to what I feel I’m being ‘told’ and really connect with the Holy Spirit in a unique way.” 

“This reading is an in-your-face reminder that every day we have opportunities to be on the look-out for these moments God might put in front of us.” 

“This reading convicted me hardcore! I need to start putting more effort into being OK with uncomfortable meetings and conversations.” 

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