Table of Contents

Introduction: A Prayer for the Reader

Chapter 1: Open Your Eyes to the Things Unseen
Chapter 2: Filling Your Manna Jar

Part One: Recognizing Divine Promptings

Chapter 3: Prompted by the Spirit
Chapter 4: Prompted by the Situation
Chapter 5: Living Intentionally, Allowing for Spontaneity

Part Two: Taking Conversational Risks

Chapter 6: Conversational Barriers
Chapter 7: Turning Points
Chapter 8: Optimistic Obedience

Part Three: Discovering Your Divine Destiny

Chapter 9: Vulnerability Breeds Vulnerability
Chapter 10: Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 11: Some Plant, Some Water, but God Makes Things Grow

Conclusion: A Prayer for Divine Opportunities

Appendix A: Relational Experiments

Appendix B: Five TED Talks to Interpret in the Context of Dive Opportunities

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