“This book is a detailed guide to recognizing and engaging the divine opportunities that are around us all the time. It’s an inspiring message backed with real-life stories.”

Mark Batterson New York Times besting selling author of The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor of National Community Church

“This incredible book is a treasure trove of practical ideas for making the most out of every opportunity that God presents in your conversations with others. Don’t miss out on this amazing message from Ryan Montague.” 

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott #1 New York Times best-selling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

“Divine Opportunity will completely flip your view and perspective of your day-to-day ‘passing’ moments in life.  You will never view opportunities for ‘small-talk’ the same way again once you fully realize what God can do even in seemingly ‘meaningless’ moments of life.” 

Doug Fields Co-founder of DownloadYouthMinistry.com, speaker, and author of 50+ books including Fresh Start: God’s Invitation to a Great Life

“This book was an absolute inspiration to me personally. The words and stories reminded me of the many, many ‘divine appointments’ God has brought to my life along the way that I sometimes forget about. Since reading this book I seem to be constantly aware of the many opportunities for recognizing ‘divine promptings’ in my everyday life. Ryan Montague is a wonderful communicator and I’m so grateful for teaching like this that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone desiring to become more aware of the presence of God in their life.” 

Jim Burns, PhD President, HomeWord
Author of Getting Ready for Marriage and Confident Parenting

“Truth be told, most of us find the idea of ‘evangelism’ to be an intimidating assignment—even those of us who know full well it is a scriptural mandate.  I love Ryan Montague’s approach in Divine Opportunity because it puts sharing faith within everyone’s reach … it helps us ‘put the cookies on the bottom shelf’ which is exactly as Jesus would have it.  His stories are terrific inspiration as well!”

Peggy Campbell Chair of the Board of Trustees, Azusa Pacific University
President, Ambassador Advertising Agency

“We all strive to be just as efficient and technically proficient as our surroundings, but the resulting isolation and independence leave a void and flatness to life and work. Dr. Montague gently points us to everyday moments in which the true meaning of our lives is found. With small but intentional shifts in our disposition, we may suddenly discover the fullness of everyday life in relationship with others and God.  Divine Opportunities is not a prescription for success but rather an adjustment of perspective that allows us to see the fullness of everyday life as a connected path to wonder and personal growth.”

Rev. Kevin W. Mannoia, Ph.D. President, International Council for Higher Education
Founder & Chair, Wesleyan Holiness Connection

“In our social media driven world our face-to-face relationships and the conversations they produce are quickly becoming a lost art. Fortunately, Dr. Montague helps us think about how invested God is, and therefore, how intentional we should be about those whom we live our lives beside.”

Dr. Gary Black, Jr. Author of Preparing for Heaven and The Theology of Dallas Willard

Divine Opportunity is a captivating collection of stories about people being open and obedient to God’s word…which is sometimes loud and clear and at others, unique and mysterious. The assignments given at the end of each chapter offer open-ended questions and activities perfect for a growth group or family study! Divine Opportunity inspires and excites me to be ready and aware of God’s plan for my life filled with the chances to serve, honor, and obey!” 

Debi Gutierrez Peabody Award-Winning Television Host, Keynote Speaker, and Comedian

“This inspiring, engaging, and practical book leads us all to deeper relationships with God and others.”

Quentin J. Schultze Author of An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication

“Ryan Montague does something amazing in this book. He attempts to do what God has called us all to do, which is to make something sacred out of the mundane. Ryan’s contention is that we can make seemingly insignificant encounters into something profoundly divine. Allow this amazing thought leader to guide you into not only a different way of looking at chance encounter but into a truly unique way of living your life.”

Eric L. Wilson Spiritual Director and Author of Faith: The First Seven Lessons

“Wow!  Spiritually mature wisdom brought to life with stories of innocent discovery; “Divine Opportunity” is a “must read.”  Rich in emotional and social intelligence, it will be life changing for many.  In a world swept up in the latest high tech devices, discover the personal emotional triggers that will reveal your own divine opportunities.  Written by a gifted Christian storyteller, “Divine Opportunity” will make you smile, cry, laugh and wonder at the same time. “And, after all, isn’t that what life is all about – finding ways to communicate with each other?   Divinely inspired and masterfully done!”

Richard Brundage

President, Center for Advanced Media Studies

“I’m a firm believer that God does some of his greatest work through relationships and most of that work comes through ordinary conversations. Ryan gives us real-life examples of God doing his greatest work. He not only shows us how to recognize them when they’re happening, but to anticipate them as people who want to be used by God in building up the body of Christ. If you want to know how God can use you in the ordinary rhythm of life, read this book!”

Chris Lewis Lead Pastor, Foothill Church

“Ryan Montague has called us to intentional, embodied connections with anyone in our daily lives. And then he gives us purposeful evidence that our lives can be filled with the extraordinary in the ordinary when we participate in divine opportunities available to all. Wonderfully inspirational and challenging!”

Dr. Dick Pritchard Professor Emeritus and Associate Director
Azusa Pacific University Center for Vocational Ministry

“Dr. Montague’s book couldn’t be more perfectly timed for this day and age of technological distractions and diminishing ‘real time’ encounters with people. For anyone desiring to be more effectively used by God to reach out and minister to others, this is your ‘go-to’ guide for spiritually grounded and extremely practical principles for the journey. It’s loaded with real-life stories that are sure to encourage, inspire, and affirm those divine opportunities.”

Jerry Kitchel Career Mission Worker
Communication Specialist

“Singing praises for Divine Opportunity and Dr. Ryan Montague! Dr. Montague has given us a much needed report card on the state of affairs in the area of human connection along with practical tools and biblical truths to turn things around! As a Worship Pastor, I’ve found Divine Opportunity to be an encouraging and impactful resource as I co-labor with God and my fellow leaders to build His church!”

Larry Walker Worship Pastor, Redeemed Life Church

“This is not a book you pick up and read in a day, but it is one that you have to take with you on a journey, reading a little each day. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone in every way possible. Memorable and emotional.”

Sofia Figueroa Up and Coming World Changer

“Dr. Montague presents us with a personalized view into the world of godly relationships. Ryan observes that each of us should see people daily and should take the Divine Opportunity to say hello and listen to a story or two and be open to whom God would direct us if we were not constrained by time or technology. You have got to read this!”

Bill W. Hughes Pastoral Care, Redeemed Life Church, Azusa, CA
Author of Escape from Anger Step by Step

Divine Opportunity is an engaging book that illustrates how meaning and inspiration can be gleaned from simple, everyday conversations.  Ryan skillfully weaves powerful stories with practical strategies that will inspire you to make subtle changes in your perspective and lifestyle as you see and seize divine opportunities all around you.”

Dr. Keith E. Hall Executive Director, Undergraduate Academic Success Center, Azusa Pacific University