About the Book

Divine Opportunity is a challenging and convicting reminder of the many ways in which God desires to use each of us daily in conversation with others, yet how often we miss His direction and guidance as we are distracted by technology and sheer busyness. Considering the pervasiveness of technology nowadays, this is the perfect time to engage with this book. 

More than twenty inspiring stories and countless practical tips reveal the difference between the unfulfilled life of disengagement and a meaningful life of discovery in profound, life-changing conversations. You will rediscover the importance of quality, as opposed to quantity, in your communication and relationships.

This book will inspire you to take significant strides forward in your ability to

  1. Recognize divine promptings.
  2. Overcome your conversational fears.
  3. Experience firsthand “God moments” through your interactions with others.

Let’s take this journey of discovery and growth together. I guarantee your relational life will never be the same! 

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